Characteristics of insulating paper


1, insulation paper tape in the original insulation paper on the premise of cutting it into various widths, can effectively control the cost, save time, improve efficiency, reduce a lot of trouble.
2, good insulation, low thermal conductivity.
3, good impact resistance.
4, insulation paper can be used according to the thickness of the insulation of different models and specifications, staff can be adjusted according to the actual need of the length.
5, insulation materials mostly because of the use of physical characteristics, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance environment and other different types, insulating paper is one of them. What are the chemical characteristics of insulating paper? From a chemical point of view, insulating paper is an aromatic polyamide. The material has a particularly stable molecular structure, which gives insulating paper its properties, and is made from polymers of two forms of aromatic polyamides. The fine fibrous bonded particles of the one - tomographic fibers are cut directly from the polymer at high shear, and these particles are mixed with short fibers of a certain length cut from the filaments to make the insulating paper work well.
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