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Ferrite Magnet

NIDE has been dedicated to selling high-quality ferrite magnets for many years, providing customers with high-quality ferrite magnet design solutions. Shapes from square magnets, round magnets, step magnets, diamond magnets, T-shaped magnets, racetrack magnets, countersunk head magnets, motor sector magnets.

Ferrite magnets are widely used in robotic arms, magnetic separators, electromagnetic cranes, industrial equipment, automotive motors, instrument panels, sensors, electric seats, speakers, professional audio, recording equipment, Bluetooth speakers, high-fidelity headphones, speakers, magnetic Suction data cable, smart wear, lighting, toys, etc.
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Ferrite Magnet made in China is one kind of products from Nide factory. As a professional Ferrite Magnet Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, and we can provide customized service of Ferrite Magnet. Our products are CE certified. As long as you want to know the products, we can provide you with a satisfactory price with planning. If you need, we also provide quotation.
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