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NMN Insulation Paper

NIDE supplies various NMN insulation paper, such as PET, polyester film, PMP, PM, MPM, DM, DMD, NM, NM, NHN, APA, AHA, etc.
The company's products are widely used in motors, transformers, home appliances, IT and other fields, and are committed to providing first-class products and excellent services to customers around the world.
The NMN Insulation Paper is suitable for the stator slot insulation of all kinds of brushless, stepping and servo motors and can meet the demand for slot insulation by manual embedding.
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NMN Insulation Paper made in China is one kind of products from Nide factory. As a professional NMN Insulation Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, and we can provide customized service of NMN Insulation Paper. Our products are CE certified. As long as you want to know the products, we can provide you with a satisfactory price with planning. If you need, we also provide quotation.
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