Bimetal KW Thermal Protector
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Bimetal KW Thermal Protector

NIDE specializes in exporting various types of Bimetal KW Thermal Protectors and temperature control switches. The products are widely used in motors, water pumps, fans, cooling fans, power supplies, electric welding machines, battery packs, transformers, ballasts, lighting equipment, and electric heating products for household appliances. Overcurrent thermal protection field

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Product Description

Bimetal KW Thermal Protector


1.Product Introduction


The Bimetal KW Thermal Protector has the advantages of low resistance, fast temperature sensing, rapid action, safety and reliability, and small size.


When Bimetal KW Thermal Protector is working, the bimetal element is in a free state, the moving contact and the static contact are closed, and the circuit is turned on. When the electrical appliance heats up for some reason, and the temperature rises to the rated operating temperature of the product, the bimetallic element is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly. Push the contact to open the contact and cut off the power supply, thereby playing a protective role. When the temperature drops to the product's rated reset temperature, the bimetallic element returns to the initial state, the movable contact is closed, and the electrical appliance resumes work, and this cycle is repeated.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)


Product name:

Bimetal thermal protector 155°C

Switch type:

temperature control switch


motors, electrical appliances, transformers, electronic products



Voltage characteristics: 

Voltage characteristics: 



Fusing speed:


Overload current: 


Action temperature: 


Working voltage: 

240 V



3.Product Feature And Application


The Bimetal KW Thermal Protector is suitable for washing machine motors, air conditioner fan motors, clothes dryer motors, water pump motors, mixer motors, soymilk machine motors, transformers, electronic ballasts, power tools, microwave oven motors, range hood motors, electronic components, Battery packs, electric heating appliances, etc.



4.Product Details

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