Stater Carbon Brush For Automobile
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Stater Carbon Brush For Automobile

As a Chinese carbon brush manufacturer, NIDE provides high-quality car starter carbon brushes. The carbon brush is made of copper and carbon alloy and is located in the shell on the end plate of the starter. The quality is guaranteed, and the size range can be customized according to your needs. Buy starter motor brushes and car starter carbon brush holder components from China. The price is low, there are many choices, available from stock, and customized services are provided.Welcome to buy Stater Carbon Brush For Automobile from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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Product Description

Stater Carbon brush for Automobile


1.Product Introduction

Our Automobile Stater Carbon brushes choose high-quality copper-graphite material which achieves especially low specific resistances. The carbon brushes are primarily used in motors with high terminal voltage and a very high current load. The specialized carbon brush design enables use in very small motors where no classical brush guide or brush holder is required, as a mandrel which engages in a hole in the carbon brush secures it. A conventional vehicle starter can handle 45,000 start cycles. Modern vehicles with a start-stop system start many more times than that, though. This is why solid performance and a long service life are of paramount importance in the development of our carbon brushes for this starter system. Maintain and replace the carbon brushes in vehicle starter regularly, to avoid a whole motor replacement. When used in a start-stop system, our Automobile Stater Carbon brushes reliably enable more than 350,000 starts and thus contribute to reaching lower consumption levels.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)


Auto car starter carbon brush


Starter Parts, Automotive, Car, DC/AC motor spare parts

Material : 

Carbon / Copper / Graphite  


5x6x14mm, 10x25x23mm, 10x25x23mm, 8X9.5X16.5mm, or customized


12V/24V/36V or according to customer needs

Average working Current: 

4 A or according to customer needs

Diameter of commutator:

40 mm or customized


ISO 9001

Production type: 

OEM or Customized


10,000 Set/Sets


2-30 working days





Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China.


3.Product Feature And Application

The carbon brushes are suitable for various small and common automobile motors, Starter Parts, Automotive, Car, DC/AC motor


4.Product Details

This Automobile Stater Carbon brush uses high-quality metal graphite material, which greatly reduces the wear rate. Cost-effective manufacturing. High-performance, Reliable, and Efficient components



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