Wiper Motor Commutator
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Wiper Motor Commutator

We provide various Wiper Motor Commutator. NIDE is a manufacturer of Motor Commutator in China, our commutators are suitable for electric Motor Commutator, Auto Part Commutator, DC Motor Commutator, etc.

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Product Description

Wiper Motor Commutator


1.Product Introduction

The Wiper Motor Commutator products are mainly used in low-power motors and micro-special motors, and are used in fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles, automobile generators, gasoline generators and other fields. The commutator plays a role of rectification, and its role is to make the direction of the current in the armature winding alternate to ensure that the direction of the electromagnetic torque remains unchanged.


The number of micro-motors used in automobiles is related to the grade of automobiles. For example, low-end and medium-end models use at least 20-30 motor commutators, while mid- and high-end models need to use 60-70 or even hundreds of motor commutators. Device. There are more and more applications of commutators in automobile production.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Name :

Auto Electronic Commutator Accessories


Copper Tone


Copper, Steel



Gear Tooth Quantity:

24 Pcs Or customized


5000 pcs


20-50working days


3.Product Feature And Application

The Wiper Motor Commutators are mainly used in window lifts, wipers, sunroofs, automatic trunk opening and closing, seat adjustment, rearview mirror adjustment, ABS, EPS and other scenes.


4.Product Details

Wiper Motor Commutator show




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